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x m s. ([personal profile] xiumin) wrote 2015-11-25 05:45 am (UTC)

;; i'm actually so surprised, but also so touched by this? it means a lot since your muse is one i actually really admire and really like lol because they don't interact a lot i didn't think you would have an opinion of minseok at all. i'm glad that's something you see in him because it's exactly something that i try to do playing him! his personality doesn't seem so set on one thing so there wasn't anything that i could really focus on to make sure that he had while playing him. does that make sense? he just seems like a person who's personality is the complete opposite of another part of it.

but, the not interacting much is partially our fault too! he's so well liked and so witty that minseok (and myself, honestly) are intimidated to really reply to anything he posts! that's a lot of why... but! i know that irl they're really close so we're going to really work on that too! we really love your muse and you're doing such an amazing job with him! it actually blows me away that he reflects so much of what i see in the real!

hopefully, i can give you a better minseok too!

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