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(( placed neatly on the kitchen table is big blue sign with white lettering that reads "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YIXING" and beside it is a box that's wrapped in blue wrapping paper and red ribbon. the box is surrounded by carefully placed confetti pieces and a couple of balloons that are tied to the chair and inside of the box is a book, a bright yellow book and across the front in bold black lettering are the words:


the very first page that yixing will open up to see is a page that's filled with a hand written letter from minseok.

dear yixing,

hi! hello! happy birthday! this is from all of us to you. a person who has done so much for this entire group and never fails to be the kind of brother that we don't deserve. you bring so much happiness, so many laughs and love to exo that without you, the emptiness would be too hard to miss. without you, exo would not be exo. you work so hard for us and in the name of exo that we thought this could be a way of saying our thanks to you and giving back somehow. although it doesn't feel like much, it's full of our thoughts and our love for you. i hope that with these you remember that all of us always want you around, that we love you, and that we truly and very sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts, will always need one very precious zhang yixing in our lives.

love forever,

inside of the rest of the book are pages filled with coupons from the members of the group. each page is a different color that represents each member. pictures of that particular member and yixing are cut out as neatly as possible and pasted all around the page while the coupons sit in a little handmade pocket in the center.

- on joonmyun's page, in the pocket as well are two photocards for some absurd reason - his monster photocard and his overdose photocard.